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  • All teams are must wear WHITE T-shirts and White Track Pants for RED and Pink Ball Matches. Full Colored clothing ( upper lower color) is required for White ball matches. If the dresses have corporate branding it is better.

  • No player who is currently playing first division/ second division CAB Matches are allowed to participate in the tournament. For previous years eligibility refer to Tournament Rules.

  • The teams have to submit the player list of 18/20( as mentioned or intimated in tournament rules or other wise) players along with passport size photograph while submitting the tournament fees.

  • No metal spiked shoes shall be allowed.

  • Bowling will be with RED/White/Pink leather/seasoned balls which will be provided by organizers.

  • The Pitch distance between stumps will be approx. 22 yards.

  • The list of the playing 12 out of the 15 permitted will be handed over to the umpire and score with a minimum lead time of 30 minutes before the start of each match.

  • Batting team players will sit in the player’s enclosure. Only one person per team will coordinate with scorer.

  • The umpires shall be the sole judges of the event, in all matters concerned even in the case of ground, weather and light etc.

  • Matches will be organized on turf wickets.

  • Each team will bat for THE ENTIRE 20 overs unless all out earlier. No side can declare the innings


  • T 20 match format involves two teams, each with a single innings. This cricket tournament is based on the same T20 rules as that of ICC, with the exception on the format and the number of overs.

  • The Laws of cricket apply to T20, with some exceptions:
     Each bowler may bowl a maximum of 4 overs only.
     There will be Power Play for first 6 overs of each innings.

         Fielding restriction: -

  • A Maximum of 2 fielders allowed outside the inner ring for first 6 overs/ power play.

  • A maximum number of 5 fielders at all time ( except power play) (excluding the wicket keeper and bowler) to be outside the inner demarcated area.

  • Each bowling team is entitled to a max of 90 min in which they must bowl their stipulated 20 over’s. In the event of less over’s being bowled, the batting side shall be awarded twice the current run rate for every over less bowled.


         For Eg 19 over’s bowled in 90 minutes and the batting side score 190 runs. The batting side will be awarded 20 runs( current run rate * 2* number of overs left). This would apply to the team whether bowling first or second. The over which begins even in the 89th minute of playing time shall be considered as a valid over in the above system of penalty calculation and there will be no penalty levied for the same. The Organizing Cricket Committee will be the final authority to impose this penalty.

  • The umpire may add extra time to the stipulated 90 minutes if they believe the batting team is wasting time. The batting team will have its score reduced by 15 runs per 4 minutes of delay.

  • The umpires will impose these penalties, which will be final upholding keeping the spirit of the game, in a fair manner.

  • Every Team is required to report a minimum of 30 mins prior to its playing schedule as per the time sheet. Any team starting their innings late will automatically forfeit runs as explained above. A walkover also can be awarded.

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